110% revenue share on YouTube

Freedom! pays you 110% revenue share for all your videos about games they publish.


Dreamscaper is the first game we published as Freedom! Games. All your Dreamscaper videos give you 110% revenue share if you are a Freedom! partner.

Get Dreamscaper on Steam ➜ https://playnow.tm/dreamscaper/356

Dreamscaper boss fight
Dreamscaper boss fight

Jetboard Joust

Jetboard Joust is the second game we published. All your Jetboard Joust videos give you 110% revenue share as well.

Get Jetboard Joust on Steam➜ https://playnow.tm/jetboard-joust/356

Jetboard Joust boss fight

George also pitches you on blogs!

  • Build your subscribers on your blog just as you build your YouTube subscribers
  • Write compelling editorial text to get Google SEO traffic to your blog not just YouTube SEO
  • One YouTube channel should have one blog, just as a Facebook and Twitter

Do you want Freedom! to build a blog network for you to easily start your own blog for free?

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