$2.6 million USD paid to you

On October 16 2020, we paid you $2.6 million US dollars for all your hard work last month, Freedom! Family.

You will get a larger piece of the next $2+ million USD monthly payout (yes, we pay that much money every 30 days), if you do as George did:

  1. OVOB: One video, one blog (start your own blog!)
  2. 110% revenue share sponsorship


George does OVOB: One video, one blog.

He got 10% more views in 30 days from his shiny new tips! blog (5,767 views).


In the same timeframe, his Freedom! Central YouTube channel got 50,000 views.


In total, he got 5,767 + 50,000 = 55,767 views, and this was just his first month blogging.

Do the same!

And you will get more views.

You are not alone

MGN also does OVOB!

See the shiny new MGN TV blog

Study how they OVOB on the shiny new MGN TV YouTube channel

110% sponsorship

Get 110% revenue share for all your videos about games Freedom! publishes and you will earn more revenue, 10% more than what YouTube pays.

Make 100 videos, get 100 110% revenue shares!

Currently, Freedom! published two games that you can make videos about (with many more coming):

  1. Dreamscaper ➜ https://playnow.tm/dreamscaper/356
Dreamscaper boss fight
  1. Jetboard Joust ➜ https://playnow.tm/jetboard-joust/356
Jetboard Joust boss fight

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