$3.4 million USD paid to you 3 days early!

2021 is here, and we paid you $3.4 million 3 days early to celebrate!

The year of hindsight is over. Why? Isn’t hindsight 2020? 🙂

What are your new year’s resolutions, Freedom! Family? I hope you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the shiny new 2021!

Freedom! Scholarship – 7 year plan

Freedom! and MGN now pay Brad the full-time salary his job used to pay him after he quit his job so he can focus full-time on his true passion of being a YouTuber.


Because Brad is the first recipient of the 7-year Freedom! Scholarship, a completely new idea launched today by Freedom! and MGN (the multi-gaming network powered by Freedom!)

See Brad’s work ➜ https://destiny2.mgn.tv

The Freedom! Scholarship is for deserving creators who need financial help to go full-time today. Freedom! gives them 7 years to make YouTube their full-time source of income, helping them every step of way to achieve their dream of becoming an independent full-time creator.

MGN TV ➜ https://mgn.tv
Game videos ➜ https://game.video.tm
MGN World of Warcraft ➜ https://worldofwarcraft.mgn.tv
Minecraft Viki (video wiki) ➜ https://minecraft.viki.gg

Video chapters

0:00 – 2021 is here!
0:24 – New Year’s Resolutions
0:31 – Freedom! Scholarship
1:43 – 10 games signed for publishing
2:17 – 110% revenue share for you!
2:34 – Music.tm is our new music dashboard
3:13 – OVOB gets more views
5:41 – Final words by George
8:07 – Freedom! Mission Statement

Let’s grow together

Partner with Freedom! ➜ https://freedom.tm
Why? See the benefits ➜ https://tip.tm/freedom-benefits
Collaborate with us ➜ https://tip.tm/collaborate

That’s it 🙂

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