$3 million USD paid to you! – New Freedom! Scholarship

Today we sent $3 million USD to you for your November YouTube revenue, Freedom! Family. Next month it will be even more, up to $4 million USD, so make a lot more videos in December to get that sweet Christmas CPM!

Freedom! Scholarship

Pitch: Freedom!’s Got Talent
You can start being a full-time creator right now instead of waiting for your revenue to grow so you can quit the job you do not like and focus 100% on your career in video.

Freedom! creates the agency model to become agents for small creators with raw talent and strong work ethic (we become their exclusive talent manager) so they start their career path in video with small channels.

What raw talent?
Specifically, a history of consistently working hard at being a creator, not giving up, with practical skills like graphic design, video editing, engaging content with voice acting or commentary in your videos, collaborating with other creators, writing articles or guides, managing communities (Discord, forums, Facebook, Twitter), getting brand deals, posting your content on multiple platforms (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and so on).

First recipient

We have our first recipient of the Freedom! Scholarship who started a few days ago.

See his work ➜ https://destiny2.mgn.tv

He created the videos and wrote the articles OVOB-style (one video, one blog) to get more views. We encourage all of you to OVOB to get more views from Google SEO, not just YouTube SEO!

You will get to meet the first Freedom! Scholarship recipient and here his story from the heart in the next video 🙂

Video chapters

0:00 – $3 million USD paid to you!
0:48 – Freedom! Scholarship 7-year plan
4:34 – First scholarship recipient made this
5:18 – Dark mode!
5:51 – This is NOT on YouTube
6:15 – Many OVOB blogs
7:31 – Final words by George
9:55 – Freedom! Mission Statement

MGN TV ➜ https://mgn.tv
Game videos ➜ https://game.video.tm
MGN World of Warcraft ➜ https://worldofwarcraft.mgn.tv
Minecraft Viki (video wiki) ➜ https://minecraft.viki.gg

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