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What is Aegis?

Aegis Content ID protects your original videos and music on YouTube.

Monetize copies of your content on other people’s channels and (3:01) let the pirates become legitimate promoters of your content! (skip to 3:01 in the video to see how)

Reclaim your digital rights and stop losing money from creators reusing your content without permission.

How does Aegis work?

The Aegis dashboard lets you submit your entire YouTube channel, playlists or individual videos to protect.

Then, Aegis find all copies of your content by scanning every video on YouTube that was ever uploaded, and any new videos as they are uploaded, using the YouTube API for Content ID.

You get paid every time someone reuses your content. Aegis is your “YouTube police” that pays you each month without you spending any time after submitting your content. Aegis does all the work for you!

What content can I protect with Aegis?

You can protect your music, vlogs and original productions like speeches, howto videos, basically anything you create except gameplay.

YouTube does not allow videos of you playing games to be protected, but if you added your webcam in your gameplay videos, even if it is in a small corner of the video, we can protect your face since it is not part of the game!

Why call it Aegis?

In Greek mythology, the Aegis is a shield that protects the gods Zeus and Athena.

We think if it is good enough to protect Zeus, it is good enough to protect your content 🙂

How do I get started?

Sign up at and email [email protected] if you have any questions.

That’s it!

Video chapters

0:28 – Protect your videos
0:44 – Protect your music
0:57 – Original guitar instrumental
1:32 – Claims page and claim labels
1:54 – How to send your content to Aegis
3:19 – How to get started!
3:34 – Why call it Aegis?
3:53 – Block outside ownership

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