Get more views by NOT embedding your videos off-YouTube

Instead of embedding, upload your videos directly to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn so they autoplay when viewers scroll down your feed. This gets more views than embedding YouTube links that do not autoplay.

What about growing your YouTube channel?

To get the best of both worlds, include the YouTube video link together with posts that upload your videos off-YouTube so people can watch the full video on YouTube if they wish!

Freedom! does this on its official Twitter:

The full video is uploaded to Twitter together with the following text ending with the YouTube video link:

Minecraft ray tracing without RTX cards! Just shaders in Minecraft Java Edition can look this good on older graphics cards →

That is how to get the best of both worlds!

YouTube also does this on its official Twitter:

Note the maximum video length is:

  • Twitter: 2 minutes 20 seconds
  • LinkedIn: 10 minutes
  • Facebook: 240 minutes (4 hours)

Also create two separate accounts on each platform: one personal and one business. Then, upload your videos to your business account and share it on your personal one so your audience that follows you personally also gets your video updates together with your personal updates.

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