First-ever 4K video by Freedom!

Do you 4K?

4K is 3840×2160 resolution, exactly four times as many pixels as 1920×1080 (aka 1080p).

4K is the new 1080p for high-end video, so why don’t you make 4K content to stand out among the crowd?

Yes, it takes a strong financial investment to get your hardware up to 4K, but this is no different from when 1080p was the standard for high-end. As creators, we need to always have an edge over the competition!

New World is a beautiful 4K game, shiny and new, launching August 31, 2021. Freedom! and MGN are aleady covering it fully at

In this video, George shows you New World in 4K. Have you ever seen a moon or moonlight like at 15:16? The correct answer is “No” 🙂

And you do not die when a tree falls on your head at 6:49 🙂


0:00 – Do you 4K?
14:49 – 4K is the new 1080p
15:01 – Night time in New World
16:38 – Final words by George


ProgramFreedom! Scholarship
AuthorGeorge Vanous
YouTuberGeorge Vanous

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