First Freedom! Scholarship recipient

Freedom! and MGN now pay Brad the full-time salary his job used to pay him after he quit his job.

Brad now focuses full-time on his true passion of growing as a YouTuber without worrying about earning enough money to pay his bills.


Because Brad is the first recipient of the 7-year Freedom! Scholarship where Freedom! pays his bills for him, a completely new idea launched today by Freedom! and MGN (the multi-gaming network powered by Freedom!)

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George, CEO of Freedom!, talks about the Freedom! Scholarship (and the $3 million USD Freedom! paid 1 day early as a Christmas present) in this video:

In the video above, Brad shares his story of how his life led him to this life-changing moment where Freedom! made it possible for him to follow his passion in being a YouTuber full-time.

What is the Freedom! Scholarship?

The Freedom! Scholarship is for deserving creators who need financial help to go full-time today.

Freedom! gives each recipient 7 years to make YouTube their full-time source of income, helping them every step of way to achieve their dream of becoming an independent full-time creator.

How do we pick Freedom! Scholarship recipients?

We look for raw talent and passion on YouTube!

Specifically, a history of consistently working hard at being a creator, never giving up, with practical skills like graphic design, video editing, engaging content with voice acting or commentary in your videos, collaborating with other creators, writing articles or guides, managing communities (Discord, forums, Facebook, Twitter), entrepreneurial spirit, getting brand deals, posting your content on multiple off-YouTube platforms like Twitch, Facebook and Twitter.

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