First Steam MCN pays 110% revenue share

Freedom! Games is the first Steam MCN to pay 110% revenue share to you for all your videos about Steam games you upload to YouTube that are published by Freedom! Games on Steam.

What is an MCN?

YouTube created the term MCN (multi-channel network) to mean “a company that YouTube pays all revenue for channels in the network“. Instead of paying channels directly, YouTube redirects all money flow to the MCN. The MCN pays the channels less its fee in exchange for offering benefits YouTube does not. For example, see the creator benefits offered by Freedom!.

Steam has exactly the same business model with game publishers where:

  • YouTube = Steam
  • YouTube creator = game developer
  • MCN = game publisher

Proof of Steam MCN (aka game publisher)

Freedom! is a 7-year-old YouTube MCN and an official game publisher on Steam as Freedom! Games.

Proof of 110% revenue share

Yes, Freedom! pays 110% to you (10% more than what YouTube pays) for all your videos about games they publish.

If you make gaming videos, what are you waiting for?

Get 110% revenue share by partnering with Freedom! at

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