Fix demonetized YouTube videos

Problem: You lose all revenue on all your videos that have a copyright claim (not a copyright strike).

YouTube pays the claimant, not you, 100% of your video revenue from the time the copyright claim appears because YouTube is obligated to pay the correct rights holder.

Solution: YouTube Trim removes the copyright content without reuploading your video and returns 100% of your video revenue back to you moving forward. You lose all historical revenue earned by the claimant while the copyright claim exists, so do not wait! Take action as soon as you see a copyright claim to minimize your revenue loss. You have two options:

  1. Cut out the copyright content entirely (this shortens your video)
  2. Mute or replace the copyright music without affecting other audio (like your human commentary)

Warning: In Solution #1, your video shortens by the length of the cut copyright content. You must manually adjust timestamps for info cards and YouTube Chapters that appear after the cut because, sadly, there is no automatic way to do this. Use Solution #2 whenever possible so your video stay the same length.

Benefits: You get more money because every copyright claim redirects 100% of your video revenue to someone else (the claimant). You regain 100% of your money moving forward after removing all copyright claims from your videos!

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