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CEO and founder of Freedom! (George Vanous)

Just press H

Press your H key while watching any video on YouTube to save your favorite video moments with Heartbeat Moments.

It’s free!

Try it:

Never again lose an exciting moment, and easily share your favorite moments with friends and family.

(Built by Freedom! for you)

Better way to view your photos

Have you ever seen a clickless gallery?

Heartbeat Photos is a unique clickless gallery, a better way to view your photos.

It’s free!

Try it:

No clicking, just hover to see any photo 🙂

(Built by Freedom! for you)

Our team resolves not only strikes, but also copyright claims for you as best we can that otherwise redirect 100% of your revenue away to somebody else!

We educate you on best practices to avoid copyright claims and strikes. For those we cannot resolve for you, we explain the issues and work with you to fix them.


If your channel gets hacked, ypp-suspended or demonetized, we help you escalate issues right away so they get fixed in days instead of weeks or months.

The video How to NOT GET HACKED on YouTube shows how we reinstate hacked channels. The same goes for terminated channels, ypp-suspended channels, and demonetized channels that we reinstate usually in a few days if it really was a mistake by YouTube’s automated algorithms or human reviews.

Bottom line: Our team helps keep your channel safe.

Convert your videos to monetized blogs

If your channel is not monetized (not in the YPP) or if it is monetized, Freedom! can convert your videos to monetized blogs to get more views and add incremental revenue for you.

How does it work? OVOB: one video, one blog

How much can I earn? Watch the video to the right

Who is eligible? All Freedom! partners

When can I start? Right now

Weekly payments

Freedom! pays you every 7 days instead of monthly.

YouTube itself pays only monthly!

Don’t you want to get paid sooner?

Learn more

110% revenue share for all YouTubers

What games? See the games!

How does it work? Watch the video to the right.

Freedom! pays 110% revenue share to all YouTubers (10% more than what YouTube pays) for all your videos about games we publish, even if your channel is not monetized.

Better Content ID with Aegis

Freedom! built Aegis from the ground up to protect your original music and videos.

Aegis has features Content ID does not have, such as detailed revenue reports per asset and claim labels (Content ID has only basic revenue reports and asset labels, not claim labels).

Just give us permission, then we find all copies of your videos or music everywhere on YouTube and monetize them for you.

3D virtual sets (your branding and webcam)

Get your own 3D virtual set to make special videos, free for our partners. MSI got their own 3D set created by Freedom! for promoting their new gaming laptops.

See MSI without a 3D set ➜

Download your 3D set ➜

How to use it ➜

Raised $20,000 in 4 days on Kickstarter for one of you!

We run Kickstarters for deserving Freedom! Family members.

For example, our Freedom Games team raised $20,000 in 4 days for Mail Time in Feb 2022.

Learn more

Heartbeat Moments

Big idea: “See” in video any paragraph you are reading with a single click.

Try it:

Why is this important? In a blog, you can only create clickable links that open the video in a new tab. There is no way to create a timecode link that skips to that moment in the embedded video without Heartbeat Moments!

CEO spoke at YouTube Summit 2020 about Freedom!

YouTube invited George to speak to over 100 YouTube staff and MCN executives on Nov 18, 2020.

He presented Freedom! and how we help creators grow at the YouTube Enterprise Summit 2020 for EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa).

See the full YouTube speech by George.

YouTube channel growth strategies

Our team optimizes your YouTube channel to get more views and revenue by:

  • SEO optimization
  • Localization to other languages
  • Audience growth strategies
  • Managing your channel uploads
  • Licensing original content

Give us permission to your content, we help you grow!

CEO talks to you

Our CEO has an open door policy, meaning any Freedom! partner is welcome to talk to him directly.

And our CEO talks to you on The George Show.

Free Steam games for Freedom! partners

Yes, Freedom! pays 110% revenue share to all YouTubers, but if you are a Freedom! partner you also get Steam games they publish for free and Freedom! pays you 110% revenue share for all your videos about them!

How does it work? Watch the video to the right.

What games? See the games!

Nintendo promotes Freedom Games

Nintendo uploaded our Freedom Games Godstrike trailer to their official YouTube channel with 7.74 million subscribers that got 100,000 views in 5 days!

See it on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel.

They also created a custom Godstrike page on the official website.

Read it on tips!

Published Godstrike, our 3rd game!

Godstrike is our 3rd game published by Freedom Games, a bullet-hell boss-rush twin-stick shooter.

Every YouTuber gets 110% revenue share for any videos they make about Godstrike at

You do not have to be a Freedom! partner. In fact, you can be partnered with another MCN and we still pay you 110% revenue share (10% more than YouTube pays) for all videos you make about the games we publish 🙂

Early payments

Freedom! pays EARLIER than YouTube itself.

We factor the YouTube receivable so your YouTube Analytics BECOMES your bank account balance showing how much money you can withdraw at any time, even daily.

Instant payments

Instantly withdraw the money you see in your YouTube Analytics estimated revenue at any time, even multiple times a day!

7-year Freedom! Scholarship

Freedom! pays full-time salaries to deserving creators so they can quit the jobs they don’t love and become full-time creators overnight.

Meet the first recipient of the Freedom! Scholarship and hear his story in the video to the right.

Freedom! cannot give this scholarship to every creator, only those who #nevergiveup and who have raw talent that just needs full-time focus to grow into something amazing.

First Steam MCN

Freedom Games + Freedom! = First Steam MCN

  • Steam = YouTube
  • Game developers = YouTubers
  • Freedom Games = Freedom!

See Freedom Games on Steam

Early access to Steam games

All Freedom! partners get new Steam games published by Freedom Games before everyone else in the world.

You can:

  1. Play new games without buying them (Freedom! buys them for you)
  2. Create videos and live streams before anyone else

Dreamscaper launched on Aug 14, 2020 and we gave 500 Freedom! partners fully-paid copies of the game 1 week before launch so they could create videos covering this anticipated Steam game with 85,000 wishlists before every other creator!

Dreamscaper is published by Freedom Games, the game publishing division of Freedom!

Front page of Google

Freedom! gets videos on the Google front page using OVOB (one video, one blog):

  • Heavily customized WordPress platform
  • Combines WordPress + YouTube
  • Adds compelling text and screenshots (what YouTube is missing) together with video

See examples of our partners’ videos on the Google front page.

Get sponsored

Freedom! sponsors you with condenser microphones, ring lights, Steam games, Minecraft servers and cash.

Get sponsored by Freedom!

Major record label deals

Freedom! has contracts with all the major record labels (Warner, Atlantic, Interscope and more) so we can get you new pre-approved tracks every week from professional artists for your channels. You can also make custom requests for any track or artist you like at any time!

If it plays on the radio, Spotify or iTunes, we can likely get the permission to monetize for you.

Better FX (foreign exchange) rates

If you receive non-USD in the end, we pay you more money than your bank (or AdSense) does.


We give you better FX rates when converting YouTube’s USD to non-USD than any single YouTuber can get because we negotiated wholesale FX rates from the millions of dollars we pay creators like you each month.

Bottom line: You get more cash in your local currency when Freedom! pays you by Freedom! Bank Transfer than if YouTube pays you, given the same USD payout.

Email [email protected] to help choose the best option for you based on your country and currency.

Note: This “better FX” only works if you get paid by bank transfer (direct deposit), not PayPal or Payoneer. PayPal and Payoneer have much worse FX rates, so we strongly recommend switching to Freedom! Bank Transfer if you receive non-USD in the end.

Tax reduction strategies

Did you know Dubai legally charges 0% income tax on all your worldwide income, both personal and business? This is the law in Dubai. The government chose to make its money from fixed fees and a 5% VAT instead of a percentage of your income. What a refreshing idea!

We help you relocate to live and work in Dubai, and I (George) am the first guinea pig, now happily living in Dubai for two years. Two other YouTubers have already relocated to Dubai, and you can be next 🙂

There are also professional video production spaces right here, subsidized by the government. We help you get unlimited access to them if you have 10,000 subscribers or more on your YouTube channel.

No income tax, a community of creators, and free professional sound stages with equipment and lighting.

Learn more about “Why Dubai?”

Note: You get more benefit if you live in a country that does not tax your worldwide income. For more info about taxation as it applies specifically to you, see here and here.

Custom games (built free for you)

Let us build YOUR game.

We launched our first polished mobile game on Android and iOS in Dec 2019: The Clot Thickens.

The Clot Thickens on Android

The Clot Thickens on iOS

Official YouTube playlist

Earn a revenue share if you promote our game!

We can build your game
in the same quality and polish as The Clot Thickens but in your vision.

  • We build it (our cost)
  • You market it to your audience (your cost)
  • We split the profits (only the game revenue, not your YouTube revenue or other revenue)

Our Studio Head, Dave Fracchia, was a Professor in the School of Computing Science for 7 years before joining industry as Vice President of Technology at Mainframe / Rainmaker for 10 years, then with Radical (an Activision company) for 7 years where he lead teams building AAA titles like Prototype and Prototype 2, as well as indie titles outside Activision.

So he knows a thing or two about making games 🙂

Meet Dave, our Studio Head from Activision

Cashless fan-funding by Ignis

Some fans will never donate cash to support you. But they may donate their CPU time instead!

Ignis is our cashless fan-funding solution, built from the ground up by Freedom!

Community of creators

Join our large and welcoming community of creators!

Chat with us on Discord ➜

Introduce yourself on our forums ➜

Music Factory – 100% original and safe music

Freedom! built Music Factory from the ground up by hiring teams of composers on salary to make professional and unique music free for you, perfect for your videos and live streams. Everything is 100% safe to use forever because Freedom! owns all tracks outright. This is Music Factory!

Music Factory on Soundcloud ➜

Music Factory on YouTube ➜

Download from our website ➜

You can use it even after you leave Freedom! with no monetization issues. This is our guarantee to you.

Production music

Get music used in movies, TV and video games, free for you.

Michael Bay had to pay $40,000 USD to use music from Position Music. You get the same tracks for free just for being a Freedom! partner. See by Position Music.

We also give full access to Epidemic Sound, Music Factory and Magic Music (links in the Freedom! dashboard), all free for you.

More benefits

  • Commission – Get 15% of Freedom!’s cut for 1 year for every channel you refer to us without taking anything away from the channel’s revenue (we pay you from our portion) as our way of saying “Thank you for spreading the love!” Just use your refer-a-friend link.
  • Many video assets – Get GFX / VFX templates, royalty-free video clips and more 3D virtual sets in your shiny Freedom! dashboard after your channel joins our YouTube CMS.

Final words

The spirit of Freedom! is to help each other grow together as a family.

I hope you are having a great experience in Freedom! Tell us if you are. More importantly, tell us if you are not by emailing [email protected]. We read and reply to all emails.

Freedom! is a career path in video.

Our mission is to help build your career in this digital world. All of us help each other grow together as a family, the Freedom! Family. That is the spirit of Freedom!

George Vanous
CEO and founder of Freedom!
Discord: @georgevanous


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AuthorGeorge Vanous
YouTuberGeorge Vanous

51 thoughts on “Freedom! benefits to creators”

  1. Hi there!
    You’re great! I’ve read all the information, everything is just perfect. I have a question for you: do you work with gamers only?

    • i did not montized my channel with google adsense can i join Freedom,i complete my 5k subscriber and 100000views in my channel and after joining freedom ads can show in my videos

  2. Hi, I want to join my channel. I have some questions .
    1.Still i am not monetization, can i join with u?
    2. Is there any agreement?
    3. My channel is especially for cooking related, is it ok?
    4. How i will be get paid, direct my bank account or else other mode?

    • Yes, you can join Freedom! if you are not monetized. We have services like our 110% revenue share that pays you based on views, not YouTube revenue! See for our 110% revenue share dashboard for all creators, even demonetized ones 🙂 Regarding your other questions, sign up at then click “Contact support” who will be happy to help.

  3. Hey!
    The 110% revenue is for the games that you have in that list but in what if the game is not in that list(minecraft, for example), how much will be the revenue that you pay?
    Thank you

  4. I began my YouTube channel a few months ago. Even if I’m not monetized, can I join Freedom!? Do I need a minimum number of YouTube subscribers to join Freedom?

    • You cannot join Freedom! if you are not monetized. BUT, you can join us at and make money even if you are not monetized. This is our 110% revenue share service for all creators, even demonetized ones, and you do not have to partner your channel with Freedom! to get paid 110% 🙂

  5. Do you have country block feature?

    Can you help me protect from copyright issues?

    Is there any YouTube video describing how to join freedom fully?

  6. sir please can you allow me for joining freedom family but I have less subscriber but please allow me for joing freedom famiy . I am very thankfull to you this act .sir please don’t dis heart me .please allow me
    this is my chennal email =
    My chennal name = Boly vids

  7. नमस्कार सर जी मेरे चैनल पर 39000 से ज्यादा सब्सक्राइबर है मेरा चैनल साफ सुथरा और भक्ति मय संगीत के लिए जाना जाता है। और मेरा चैनल ऐडसेंस अकाउंट से जुड़ा हुआ है जिसका हर महीने रेवेन्यू आता है। अगर मैं आपसे अब जुड़ता हूं तो मुझे क्या क्या लाभ हो सकते हैं। मैं जितनी मेहनत करता हूं उस मेहनत का मुझे उतना फल ऐडसेंस पर नहीं मिल पा रहा है। आप इसमें मेरी क्या क्या मदद कर सकते हैं कृपया करके आप से जुड़ने के मेरे लायक कोई अनेक फायदे सुझाव के रूप में पेश करने की कृपा करें। मेरे चैनल का नाम- ( सत्संग गंगा )

  8. Dear, George Vanous sir,
    I started my channel on 29 March 2020. My YouTube channel Tech related. My YouTube channel subscribers are 5800. I have uploaded 78 content on my YouTube channel. More than 8 content of this channel is on the first page of the YouTube search result. More than 3 videos of this channel are on the first page of the Google Search result.
    Last 28 days, 70.9% of users reach my content via YouTube Search. 10.1% of users reach my content via Suggested videos. 8.1% of users reach my content via Other YouTube Features. 7.3% of users reach my content via Browse Features. 1.8% of users reach my content via External like Including Google Search, Bing, and 1.8% YouTube channels other features.
    To be honest, I start using AdSense partnership about 11 months ago. 24 June 2021 my AdSense account was disabled for invalid traffic. My account was disabled and my appeal was denied. I will never watch my own content. I have never clicked on my own ads nor paid someone to click on ads on my YouTube channel. The main reason for invalid traffic on my YouTube channel, that a third party may generate invalid activity on my ads without my knowledge or permission. (Can I join the Freedom MCN program)?
    August 2021 my YouTube channel received 93000 views. In September 2021 my YouTube channel received 95000 views. October 1-17, 2021 my channel received 59k views. I know the Freedom MCN requirements. My channel must also have at least 5,000 subscribers and 100,000 views in the last 30 days. If possible, please consider me for your Freedom MCN joining requirements.

    Md Nasiful Haque Remon
    Channel Link:-

    • I am sorry to hear that your AdSense account was disabled for invalid traffic. Sadly, we have no influence over the AdSense team and cannot change their decision for you because AdSense is completely independent from the YouTube team.

  9. Hi Freedom Team, i’m Eryka from Voxxy Media Agency – Indonesia.

    We are gonna help a brand launch their short form App. And will need bank content 3000 each from these categories:

    Beauty, Personal Care, Fashion, Men’s Grooming, Fitness, Home decor, ART & DIY, Food, Tech & Gadget, Travel, Gaming & Comedy.

    We will need 3000 content from each of these categories (36.000 bank content in total) so we are looking for strategic partner to work with us for this. Looking forward for your feedback

  10. Hi George .

    We are a company “TarmimMedia” Multi-Channel Network And music aggregator. We have many artist channels who work with us. We provide a service for artists and music creators and some production companies to manage their rights on YouTube.

    we’ve got Content Manager account bears the name “TarmimMedia” but we can’t Link channels to Content Manager This feature is not available in Content Manager

    We want to add these options:
    Content delivery

    Can you solve this problem? We call you and ask for help. You have contact with a partner manager!

    We look forward to your reply

    Best Regards

    • Hi Noor, thanks for explaining your problem! Sadly, only YouTube can let you link channels to your Content Manager. Please reach out to the person at YouTube who gave you your Content Manager, they can help.

  11. Hello sir my is monetized and my channel is review channel but after monetization i make 2 videos on drama review and i got strike from aiplex and now i am worried about my channel if youtube not allow me to review on drama and film so what can i do now that’s why i want to join this network but i have 1039subscribers and monetized channel i like to join your MCN for reupload dramas and film so please tell me how can i join your channel

  12. i have a monetized youtube chanel. i want to join Freedom . but i dont know the policy. such as how much revenue i have to share with freedom?

  13. Sir aap ha swatantrata pariwar me samil hone ki anumati de aasa our purna viswas hai aap hame nirash Nahi karenge

    This is my channel
    My channel name = Rakesh Kumar

    • You asked if you can join Freedom! but you did not send the link to your channel. Just your channel name is not enough, we need your link 🙂 First, visit, sign in, and apply for partnership by adding your channel link. Then we will review your channel and let you know our feedback.

  14. Hey Sir This is Mudassir,

    I Face Sign in Problem, If i am sign in my dashboard show the below message

    “You were signed out due to inactivity. Please sign in again.”

    Please tell me solution about this issue.

  15. My Subscribe is 1,800+ & 16.6k Watch Hours only one day & Channel visiting 100k+ can I Join freedom.

    My video topic
    Upload : Movie
    Upload : Serials

  16. sir I want to upload copyrighted content of USA. I once got reuse content strike for that USA content. If I join Freedom, would Freedom prevent my channel from reuse content strike ????

  17. Hi sir, i am very impressed by your mcn,i also want to join, i have one question,do we need to upload our gaming videos or the MCN will provide us gaming videos tat we need to publish on our channel?


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