Freedom! publishes great games

Freedom! Games signed 13 games to publish on Steam (and counting!)

Three have launched:

  1. Dreamscaper launched Aug 14 2020 on Steam, an action RPG: dream, die, wake, repeat
  2. Jetboard Joust launched Oct 23 2020 on Steam, a modern arcade-style bullet-hell SHMUP
  3. Godstrike launching Apr 15 2021 on Steam, a twin-stick shooter where time is your health and currency

Six are launching soon:

  1. Anuchard launching in 2021 on Steam, an action RPG where you battle monsters, solve puzzles, and reawaken the lost Guardians, inspired by beloved classics
  2. Coromon launching in 2021 on Steam, a modern monster taming game with retro pixelart inspired by Pokemon
  3. One Lonely Outpost launching in early 2022 on Steam, farming in space where you create a colony on a distant plant and grow it into a vibrant community
  4. Ruin Raiders launching in 2021 on Steam, a turn-based tactical roguelike where you command customizable squads on a one-way journey into the ruins of an ancient civilization
  5. Slaughter League launching in 2021 on Steam, a dangerous multiplayer obstacle course where you compete in a game show against human players worldwide (with a level designer where you can make custom maps to challenge your fans and friends)
  6. To The Rescue! launching in 2021 on Steam, a charming dog shelter simulator

Four more games will be publicly announced in the future.

1. Dreamscaper

Dreamscaper is an action RPG roguelite with challenging boss fights and many character builds.

Fight your demons (literally) in the dream world and, in the waking world, speak to people, craft and prepare for your next dream as you level-up to fight your nightmares, like the big whale shark in the video 🙂

Get Dreamscaper on Steam

Dreamscaper announced by CEO of Freedom!

2. Jetboard Joust

Jetboard Joust is a fast and fluid shoot ’em up meets a hardcore modern roguelike that will punish you and keep you coming back for more.

Think Super Mario Brothers with guns 🙂

Fast-paced bullet-hell with unique bosses and hidden treasure rooms aplenty!

Get Jetboard Joust on Steam

Jetboard Joust launch trailer


Perks for Freedom! partners

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