George’s new Electric Computer Desk!

George’s new electric computer desk: Uppspel from IKEA!

It rises from 72cm to 120cm with the push of a button, great for stand-up work to help with your posture and get a little exercise vs. sitting all day in a chair 🙂


  • 180×80 cm
  • Adjusted from 72 to 120 cm
  • Contour shape can face you or the back (it is facing George in the video)
  • Price: USD 700

Where to buy:


0:00 – New electric computer desk
0:24 – Desk rises by itself
1:17 – Uppspel from IKEA
1:41 – Green screen as a blind
2:50 – George’s computer hardware
3:53 – Assembled!
4:47 – 5G wireless router for Internet
6:13 – Final words by George
6:51 – Freedom! mission statement

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