Get sponsored by Freedom!

Freedom! sponsors creators (just like you) with:

  • 110% YouTube revenue shares
  • Ring lights to improve your production quality
  • Steam games we buy for you
  • … and more!

Do you want to get sponsored?

Simply email [email protected] and tell us how you want to be sponsored and why you deserve it!

We are looking to sponsor deserving creators 🙂

110% sponsorships

Regarding the 110% revenue share sponsorship, the idea is we pay you 110% (10% more than YouTube pays) for all your videos featuring games that we publish like Dreamscaper, published by Freedom! Games.

See the official announcement: 110% revenue share on YouTube!

Dreamscaper is the first game we published, and it is doing so well that we set a goal to publish 10 games a year like Dreamscaper!

Who got sponsored today?

Anthony Smith got sponsored by Freedom!

We bought him a shiny new Switti 19 inch ring light to help him grow faster, and Anthony unboxes it in the video above.

This ring light was chosen for its even illumination, remote control, and the fact that it is a mobile phone ready ring light with a phone charger on board!

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