Google fired 12,000 people – Freedom! hired 1

Yes, it is true.

12,000 people were fired by Google parent Alphabet. And Microsoft fired 10,000. Amazon fired 18,000.

There are many talented people available for work.

Freedom! is hiring. Join us to build the Heartbeat platform!

❤️ What is Heartbeat?

See the prototype – Video wiki

The Freedom! Family helps each other grow together as a family.
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BBC article: Google parent Alphabet to cut 12,000 jobs

“Cutting 12,000 Jobs Step In Right Direction But…”: What An Investor Told Google


0:00 – Google fired 12,000 people
1:21 – Freedom! is hiring, join us
1:59 – What is a viki? Video wiki
3:30 – Freedom! is going strong
6:39 – Final words by George
8:45 – Freedom! mission statement

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