Heartbeat Moments in Early Access!

Heartbeat Moments is a new idea that lets you “see” the paragraph you are reading in video. This is part of the OVOB (one video, one blog) strategy invented by Freedom!

0:24 – The video follows you as you scroll down so you can continue watching or reading.

0:48 – To see the paragraph you are reading, simply click the timecode to jump to exactly that point in the video!

2:10 – Heartbeat moments is currently a WordPress plugin that works on all the OVOB blogs like https://mgn.gg and https://tip.tm

See Heartbeat Moments in action

Godfall ➜ https://mgn.gg/godfall-first-impressions-review

How to OVOB ➜ https://tip.tm/how-to-ovob-get-90-revenue-share

Click the timecodes in those two articles to see Heartbeat Moments in action.

Founding Writers 90% revenue share explained


This is for all YouTubers and writers!

Hit us up on Discord or email [email protected] to join as a Founding Writer.

Discord servers

Freedom! Discord ➜ https://goto.tm/freedom-discord
MGN Discord ➜ https://goto.tm/mgn-discord

TM is for Team!

Freedom! Talent team ➜ https://talent.tm
Community team ➜ https://community.tm
Tips team help you grow! ➜ https://tip.tm
Join the Freedom! team ➜ https://freedom.tm

Video chapters

0:15 – What are Heartbeat Moments?
3:00 – WordPress back-end
3:36 – Get a YouTube thumbnail
4:27 – Final words by George
6:49 – Freedom! Mission Statement


ProgramFreedom! Scholarship
AuthorGeorge Vanous
YouTuberGeorge Vanous

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