Heartbeat Photos preview

Heartbeat Photos is a better way to show your photos in a clickless gallery (no clicking!)


Heartbeat Photos save you time

You choose whether to store your photos on your own Google Drive or ours (for free)

Share your photos with anyone securely or publicly

Edit your photos with auto-color correction, sharpness and other quality-enhancing tools

We will pay you 55% of all revenue generated (if any) from your photos!

That’s why 🙂

❤️ What is Heartbeat?



0:19 – How it works
0:41 – Zoom in (press 9)
0:59 – War face!
1:02 – Press 1 for original zoom
1:22 – We use our Google Drive (or yours!)
1:54 – What is the point?
4:37 – You’ve been through hell, it is about stamina!
5:05 – #NeverGiveUp
5:19 – YouTube’s mistake
6:35 – Heartbeat creates connections based on common interest
8:25 – Learn more about Heartbeat
8:35 – Final words by George
13:08 – Freedom! mission statement

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