Minecraft ray tracing (without RTX cards)

Your Minecraft Java Edition can look like ray tracing with older graphics cards, not RTX.

Use SEUS shaders!

What you need to make your Minecraft look like the video:

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To install OptiFine, just double-click the .jar file you downloaded (if nothing happens, you first need to install Java SE)

Java SE
Needed by OptiFine (install only if nothing happens when you double-click the OptiFine.jar file)

SEUS shaders
Create the “shaderpacks” folder if it does not already exist in.


Tip: Paste that string into your Windows Explorer address bar and %username% will be automatically replaced with your Windows username!

Copy the SEUS shaders .zip you downloaded to:


Enable the SEUS shaders in Minecraft Options | Video Settings | Shaders | SEUS


If Minecraft looks worse or you get errors when turning on SEUS shaders:

  • Open Nvidia control panel (right-click on your desktop and choose “Nvidia control panel”)
  • In “Manage 3D settings”, set “Preferred graphics processor” to “High-performance Nvidia processor”

This will use the Nvidia GPU instead of your laptop’s integrated Intel GPU. This solution worked for Aviendha’s Alienware laptop with an Nvidia GTX 980M.

Helpful guides if you get stuck

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