Moving to Dubai? – George shares what he learned

George shares his 2-year experience living in Dubai from 2018 to 2020 (and counting).

He moved with his wife and four kids to enjoy 0% income tax on all worldwide income for both personal and business income. That is the law in Dubai: the government chooses to make its money from fixed fees instead of a percentage of your income.

What a refreshing concept!

George legally never has to file an income tax return again in his life as long as remains a permanent resident of Dubai.

Now that is a tax reduction strategy 🙂

George shares everything he learned here:

Freedom! Dubai is our expansion into a tax-free country where you can legally live and work and pay 0% tax on all your YouTube and off-YouTube income.

Join us here in Dubai for The Freedom! Experience. Let’s start an adventure!

The Freedom! Experience playlist

The Freedom! Experience invites you to come live and work in Dubai for 6+ months and benefit from 0% tax on all your YouTube and off-YouTube income.

This is not for everyone. The Freedom! Experience is for those creators who earn enough annually from their YouTube and off-YouTube revenue to justify the move and the 0% tax savings by living in Dubai.

George shares the details in this video series “George in Dubai” so you can decide if you will join George and if The Freedom! Experience is right for you.

Let’s grow together – Partner with Freedom!

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