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With 56,408 registered forum members, you will get more views by introducing yourself on the shiny new Freedom! forums, upgraded to the latest Xenforo 2.2.2 with Dark Mode 🙂

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Freedom! Games is publishing Godstrike as its third game in Spring 2021.

See Godstrike on Steam.

Ashes of Creation

The NDA lifts in March 2021 for Ashes of Creation, meaning you will see a lot more content from players in the Alpha and Beta tests!

MGN is covering Ashes of Creation!

See MGN Ashes of Creation.

Video chapters

0:00 – New Freedom! forums help you grow
2:41 – Godstrike
3:09 – Ashes of Creation
3:53 – Minecraft Hypixel armor guide
4:25 – How many views do MGN articles get?
5:54 – Freedom! benefits to help creators grow
6:21 – Final words by George
8:35 – Freedom! Mission Statement


AuthorGeorge Vanous
YouTuberGeorge Vanous

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