New Gold Play button – New 110% revenue share – $3.1 million paid to you!

Two days ago, Freedom! paid over $3 million to its partners as they do every month on the 18th, before YouTube pays anyone (YouTube pays on the 21st).

Freedom! launched a new 110% revenue share category for Godstrike, a new game published by Freedom! Games.

Gloco, a long-time Freedom! partner, got his shiny new Gold Play button. And Deni got his Silver Play button. Way to go guys!

Freedom! launched a new Founding Writers team that converts videos to monetized blogs and pays founding writers 90% revenue share.

Lots of exciting news!

New video revenue stream! No 4k-1k, instantly monetized ➜

Get 110% revenue share for all your Godstrike videos ➜

All Godstrike videos ➜

Freedom! Games is publishing Godstrike as its third game in Spring 2021.

Founding Writers team

Freedom! has a new video revenue stream that monetizes from the first view with no 4k-1k threshold like on YouTube.

It is called OVOB: one video, one blog.

Get paid a revenue share of ads on blogs you write with MGN or Freedom!

Become a writer with MGN or Freedom!

Contact Big C#4725 on Discord.

With 56,494 registered forum members at, you will get more views by introducing yourself on the shiny new Freedom! forums, now with Dark Mode 🙂

Introduce yourself ➜

Video chapters

0:00 – Introduction
0:39 – $3.1 million USD paid to you
1:00 – Instant payments for you
1:29 – Gold Play button for Gloco
1:45 – Silver Play button for Deni
2:09 – New 110% revenue share category
4:31 – New Founding Writers team
8:02 – Freedom! Forums
9:34 – Final words by George
13:20 – Freedom! Mission Statement


ProgramFreedom! Scholarship
AuthorGeorge Vanous
YouTuberGeorge Vanous

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