Soundproofing with acoustic foam! – Behind the scenes


Meet Cornish Games Night! Corn is a long-term partner and friend here at Freedom! who’s dream is to become a full time YouTuber. To help Corn with his dream we decided to help him fund his equipment by purchasing him his very own microphone, his camera, and his soundproofing!

Soundproofing can be a pain to setup and there are many ways of how you can accomplish this such as adhesive spray etc. The problem with using chemical based substances with sound proofing is that it can fade forcing you to apply more, it’s also not very healthy to breathe in. Corn shows us a fantastic way of how he applied his soundproofing with command strips.

Command Strips

Command strips make it really easy for you to place your soundproofing wherever you would like in your room and encase you made a mistake and need to make some adjustments, command strips give you the comfortability of peeling it away and simply placing it back on. Due to there being nothing to spray in your room, it’s also a healthier environment to breathe in.

Helping each other grow!

Here at Freedom! we love to see smaller creators succeed. YouTube is a tough game to play and millions of people around the world are trying their absolute best to try and get their channel, their brand off the ground and hopefully fulfill that dream of becoming a YouTuber. We love all our partners and we love to encourage and push them as much as we can to never give up and fight for that dream! Corn is one of many smaller creators who we love to help grow their channel and we cannot wait to see what videos he can produce now with his amazing equipment!


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ProductAcoustic foam for soundproofing (on Amazon)

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