110% revenue share – Submit your videos to Freedom!

You can now submit all your videos for 110% revenue share in the shiny Freedom! dashboard.

How it works

Click “110% Revenue Share” in the menu after signing in at https://freedom.tm.

Only submit your own videos, not from other creator’s channels! (yes, we check)

In the future, there will be many more video topics that qualify for 110% revenue by Freedom!

For now, the 110% is for videos about the games we publish on Steam.

How the backend looks

Behind-the-scenes, our team checks every video submitted by creators like you.

Here is a screenshot of our backend showing videos approved for the 110% revenue share.

Note: We only reject videos that are not about a game we publish 🙂

Games published by Freedom! Games

MGN Minecraft Viki

Freedom! launched its first viki (video wiki) with Minecraft.

See https://minecraft.mgn.gg

MGN Destiny 2

Freedom! launched the first Destiny 2 OVOB (one video, one blog).

See MGN Destiny 2

Join us!

We are looking for video creators and writers to join our team as we build vikis and OVOBs for many games.

Hit us up on Discord ➜ https://mgn.gg/discord

Let’s keep helping each other grow together as a family, the Freedom! Famly 🙂

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