Tony Robbins talks about Success

Meaningful moments

23:59A business is a system that adds value even when you are not there (the owner).
22:50Time is the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs, but not because they do not have enough time, because they are business operators not owners. You are self-employed if you do the day-to-day tasks your business needs and you cannot step away.
24:55Most important for a leadership team to meet 2 hours a week to do 7-7
25:107-7 explained
27:34I am a spiritual person but I do not tell people what to believe, maybe in my 60s I will have lived long enough that I will
27:39Would you ever run for office?
44:09Oxytosin: a healthy woman biologically cannot leave her child because women have 10 times more oxytocin than men
18:50Many great tips
20:13The office is bigger than the occupant
21:44The moment that ended the Cold War between Russia and USA
18:37Media is not about informing you, it is about startling you (informing you will never get your attention)
18:50We are drowning in information, starving for wisdom (the media is now all soundbytes)
19:01People pretend it is news, but it is all commentary
54:12Test yourself: Find all things brown, then …
54:48Seek and you shall find even if it is not there!

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