Weekly payments for YouTubers

Get paid weekly based on your YouTube Analytics estimated revenue by Freedom!

YouTube itself pays monthly. All other MCNs pay monthly (or longer). Don’t you want to get paid sooner?

Freedom! launched weekly payments in Nov 2019 where we pay every 7 days based on your YouTube Analytics estimated revenue, before YouTube pays us.

In other words, Freedom! is factoring the YouTube receivable so your YouTube Analytics BECOMES your bank account showing how much money you can withdraw at any time.

You can actually get paid daily if you desire by requesting an Instant Payment using your shiny Freedom! dashboard.

The fee for Weekly Payments is paid using your revenue share with Freedom! not a fixed fee. For example, if you are on a 90% base revenue share then your Weekly Payments are sent at an 80% revenue share. The same applies to Instant Payments.

To get Weekly Payments, partner with Freedom! ➜ https://freedom.tm

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  1. So how do you get sponsord by Freedom. What are the requirements does a youtube channel have to have to get sponsored.


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