YouTube Shorts monetization starts Feb 1, 2023 – You must manually enable it

YouTube Shorts monetization finally starts on Feb 1, 2023 if you do one thing: Accept new terms in your YouTube Studio.

If you do not accept, you will not earn any money from Shorts, and YouTube will kick you out of the YPP (YouTube Partner Program) if you do not accept by July, 2023.

So what are you waiting for? 🙂

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What is Heartbeat?

❤️ Heartbeat in 2023


0:00 – YouTube Short monetization
0:24 – You get kicked out of YPP if you do not accept new terms
0:47 – How to accept new terms
2:04 – Did you know Shorts is a thing?
2:17 – Little revenue from Shorts
3:19 – More to read
4:02 – ❤️ Heartbeat is coming!
4:39 – Wonder Woman movie clips
5:18 – Learn more about Heartbeat
5:49 – More tips by George
7:00 – Final words by George
9:06 – Freedom! mission statement

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