YouTube strikes playlists on channels

YouTube now gives strikes for playlists on channels with video on other people’s channels that violate Community Guidelines, even in your private Watch later playlist.

This has never happened before, but it is happening now.

See the official YouTube policy on playlists.

Quick solution

Clear your Watch later playlist at to keep your channel safe.

The “Remove watched videos” button only removes videos you watched for at least 1 second from your Watch later playlist and does not appear if you have not watched any videos.

To remove all videos you have not watched, click the three dots next to each video in the playlist, then click “Remove“.

How a Watch later playlist strike looks

How a Community Guideline strike for a Watch later playlist looks in YouTube Studio

Jayden got a playlist strike by YouTube

Examples of creators who got playlist strikes recently

Each tweeted @TeamYouTube asking why they got a Community Guideline strike for their Watch later playlist containing videos on other people’s channels.

austin ➜
skar ➜
Spooky Pizza ➜
Jayden ➜


Strikes are heavy-handed, but YouTube needs to discourage the spread of videos that violate their community guidelines. Popular playlists can drive many views to the videos in the playlist.

Alternative penalties YouTube can do include removing the offensive videos from each playlist, contacting the playlist owner warning them to clean up their playlists, but currently YouTube has chosen to issue Community Guideline strikes.

DOJ sues Google over Antitrust laws

In other news, the Department of Justice sues Google over its monopoly on search. This will impact YouTube because Google owns YouTube, so let’s follow this story closely.

First Steam MCN pays 110% revenue share

Freedom! Games pays you 110% revenue share for all your YouTube videos about the games they publish on Steam.

  • YouTubers win by getting 10% more than what YouTube pays
  • Game developers win by selling more copies of their games on Steam
  • Freedom! wins by offering valuable services to both game developers and YouTubers

Everybody wins.

Why has no one thought of doing this before?

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