YouTube Summit 2020 – George is a speaker!

George is speaking to 150 YouTube staff and MCN executives at the YouTube Enterprise Summit 2020 about Freedom! He shares our learnings, our successes and our failures with actionable items that other enterprises can apply in their own countries and markets.

Here is George’s full speech!

See George’s bio and all the speakers.

In the video above, he shares how Freedom! started from $0 revenue and 0 YouTube partners in 2013 to grow to what it is today: a profitable company that helps you grow faster on YouTube.

Let’s go 🙂

Freedom! from Day 1

We started with a simple mission: To help you grow faster on YouTube!

From Day 1 Freedom! had the no lock-in contract that allows anyone to leave at any time for any reason, or no reason, with 30 days notice. That is why we called it Freedom! in the first place.

See the official website for a side-by-side comparison of what YouTube offers vs. Freedom!

We focused on tech, building scalable technology that helps creators help themselves, like Content ID, music promotion, community forums, early payment systems and many other tools to help you grow faster.

Freedom! today

After 7 years of hard work, sleepless nights, pain and sweat to build what Freedom! is today.

See Freedom! benefits for everything we offer to help creators grow, like:

There is so much more to build and we are excited to keep growing together as a family, the Freedom! Family 🙂

Video chapters

0:00​ – George speaks at the YouTube Summit 2020
0:14​ – See all the speakers
0:27​ – George’s bio
0:49​ – Presentation deck
1:41​ – How Freedom! started 7 years ago
2:53​ – What is Freedom! today?
2:57​ – 110% revenue share
3:41​ – Weekly payments
4:17​ – Front page of Google
5:20​ – Sponsorships
5:47​ – CEO of Freedom! talks to you
6:08​ – Safety (recover hacked channels)
6:26​ – Content ID protects your music and videos
6:51​ – Resolve your copyright claims and strikes
7:28​ – 3D virtual sets
7:59​ – Early payments (earlier than YouTube itself)
8:21​ – Instant payments
8:57​ – Early access to Steam games
9:32​ – Major record label deals
9:54​ – Better FX (foreign exchange) rates
10:41​ – Tax reduction strategies
12:10​ – Final words by George
14:35​ – Freedom! Mission Statement


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