YouTube Tags in 2021 – Limits fully explained

YouTube Tags limits:

  • YA space counts as 3 characters instead of 1
  • Cannot use 1-character tags, each must be at least two characters
  • 500-character limit counting the commas between each tag

For example:

  • “ab” = 2 characters
  • “ab,cd” = 5 characters (comma is 1)
  • “a b,cd” = 8 characters (first space is 3)
  • “a b c,cd” = 10 characters (only first space is 3, all other spaces are 1 in the same tag)
  • “a b c,c d” = 13 characters (the first space is 3 in each tag that has a space)

1:05 – Where do YouTube Tags appear?

In the HTML source where search engines and YouTube look to rank your videos to get you more views!

Best practices for YouTube tags

Always fill out the 500-character limit for each of your videos with relevant, rich keywords.


So YouTube and search engines to drive organic traffic to your videos! Every keyword is a potential new visitor searching for that keyword on YouTube or Google (or any other search engine).

0:55 – Freedom! is building a YouTube Tags Optimizer to help you grow faster and save you time. Link coming when it is ready 🙂

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0:00 – YouTube Tags in 2021
0:55 – YouTube Tags Optimizer by Freedom!
7:08 – 86 Metacritic Score for Dark Deity
4:04 – Dark Deity guides by MGN
8:24 – Final words by George
8:56 – MGN.GG is gaming entertainment
10:05 – Freedom! Mission Statement


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