StreamLabs OBS Selective Recording Quick Tip

StreamLabs has a selective recording option! This lets you hide or show specific elements in your stream or recording.

One way to use this is it to hide stream overlay elements from your recorded content for YouTube, but you can also use it to only show specific elements for the recording, such as this alpha channel call to action that gets played when I start recording, and is not shown to the stream!

This has a lot more utility than it may first seem! For instance, this prevents me from having to do ANY editing on my recorded content from my streams in preparation for upload. Using a combination of Stream Deck multi-actions to hide/unhide elements on a timer, (more on that in a future article), and using specific overlay elements intended only for recording, I can show an end screen overlay like the one in the image below. It is enabled for 20 seconds, and then the recording is programmed to stop!

Very simple and very effective way to make your video recordings from your Twitch streams look highly edited without having to spend time in an editor after your stream ends!

Did you find this tip helpful? Let us know in the comment section below and if you’d like to see more tips like this, ask us what you might like to learn more about!


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2 thoughts on “StreamLabs OBS Selective Recording Quick Tip”

  1. PogSquad, I love it!

    Selective recording sounds very useful for showing “Subscribe to my channel” only in your video recording for YouTube and “Follow my stream” in your Twitch live stream.

    One suggestion: talk a little slower, it was hard to catch everything you said and I had to play the video twice 🙂

    • Thank you, George! I do think it’ll be incredibly helpful to people to use this feature and I hope even you might get use out of it someday! I will definitely work on my pacing with the videos. I’m still new to making shorts!


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