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The Red Devils!

This is the epic history of Manchester United, with a little fun added on top 🙂

0:21 – The Newton Heath Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway football club; yes this was the first name of United formed in 1878.

Original logo and name of Manchester United
Modern logo of Manchester United

0:31 – After struggling to pay the bills, in 1902, a saviour called John Henry Davies invested in the club. He was a brewery owner, so we can say that United was founded by drunk people leaving their hard-earned cash in the pub!

0:45 – Five years after that, they won the Football League, the Charity Shield (known as Community Shield nowadays) in 1908 and the FA Cup in 1909. At that same season, Davies got United a land just around Greater Manchester, in a region called Trafford and guess what? Started a new car park? Nope, that was the land where they built the Old Trafford in 1910.

1:04 – In 1914, the world stopped because of the first World War and the club went back into the debts. Another financial saviour came in 1933, James Gibson. Then came the second World War. Why? Right when the folks got someone to take them out of the mud… and the saddest about it is that the Old Trafford got bombed by the Germans.

1:25 – With no more wars on their way, they got back to glorious days. In 50s – the decade, not the restaurant – they were bright, bringing three First Division titles to the Old Trafford. They were doing good in the 60’s too, but unfortunately, another tragedy happened. After beating the German side Red Star Belgrade by 5-4, their plane crashed on the way back home, killing 22 people, including seven players.

1:46 – Moving from that to what you all were expecting, the European titles! They won the European Cup in 68, defeating Benfica on extra-time in Wembley. Ora, pois!

1:59 – In 1986, Sir Alex Ferguson arrived and after a few seasons and some good signings, they won the European Cup Winners’ Cup against Barcelona.

2:08 – Now I completely understand why Guardiola accepted the job on the other side of Manchester, he was featuring on that squad that lost by 2-1.

2:18 – In 1992, one of the most mancunian lads of the history, even though he is French, sealed a deal with the Red Devils. Eric Cantona. Famous for his unique style and for that epic clash with a Crystal Palace fan that put him banned for eight months.

2:36 – You surely watched that on YouTube. He is shown a red card, walks towards the dressing room and a Palace fan screams at him.

2:44 – Cantona decides that the best answer is a kung fu kick over the ad plaque. It’s a classic video, vintage stuff that everyone should watch on repeat. He retired in 1997 right after winning his fourth League title with the club.

3:02 – In 2000, this club managed to win the League, The FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League. Oh… that squad was unbeatable. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer came from the bench to score the winner against Bayern München in injury time. Let’s save this man’s face here because we are going to get back to him soon.

3:19 – On the following years they added a few legends to the squad: Barthez, Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez, Anderson, Nani and an ugly and unknown Portuguese player that would help the club to conquer plenty of trophies. Cristiano Ronaldo. How come he managed to come from that to the decent lad he became?

3:40 – In 2006/2007, they won the 16th League title, and he got 13 personal honors. Jeeeez, is that even possible? A year later they made it to the Champions League final against Chelsea and won it for the 3rd time.

3:54 – After 111 years on the League, they broke a record that shocked country and World. Robin van Persie scored a hat-trick at the match they needed to lift the League trophy for the 20th time. After 2013 they haven’t won the Premier League again. Eight seasons messing up this beautiful history. Come on Reds, wake up!

4:16 – José Mourinho arrived as the man who would put United back on track. They won the League Cup and the Europa League in 2016/2017, after signing Anthony Martial, Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba.

4:30 – But that was it, they didn’t win any expressive title even spending every pound that the hateful Glazers gave them to sign Lukaku, Matic, Lindelof and Alexis Sanchez. So, the Portuguese manager got sacked in 2018. Fair enough, I’m sorry Mou!

4:49 – After these awful years the Red Devils hired the man who gave them their first European title, (screams) Oleee! I just love the fact that his forename is a football word used worldwide.

5:01 – In 2021 he still struggled to bring United back on the path of the victories and suddenly, this summer another disaster almost happened. Their rivals, the ones they use to swear at every derby, Manchester City tried to sign Cristiano Ronaldo. The press was all about it, some fans called him traitor, a few trusted sources had given a green light for that deal to happen, but then…drama… a call… from a dad to a son… Sir Alex Ferguson called Ronaldo and just like that, in one hour, he was a United player. “Viva Ronaldo!”

5:32 – Mates, this was another episode of Epic History on Football Facts. If you enjoyed this video, like it, leave a comment and share it. Thanks for watching and cheeeeeers!



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