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Mbappe is a football star.

This 23 year old phenomenon has been taking the world by storm since he was a young boy. Next summer will join the (arguably) world’s top club: Real Madrid. This is the story of one of the GOATs of football: Kylian Mbappe.

Inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo and Pelé, teammate of Neymar and Messi, he is a PSG homegrown star and still has many more years to show us much sauce he has.

Get to know Mbappé’s origins!

Is Mbappe the next best football player in the world?

0:07 – Mbappe may be traveling from Paris to Madrid soon, but before we discuss any rumours, let’s get to know where it all started and why Kylian Mbappé could be (dramatic pause) THE NEXT BEST PLAYER IN THE WORD!

0:35 – This Parisian guy was born at the exact year that France won the ’98 World Cup at home, over that amazing Brazilian squad. So, he hasn’t really watched that. Shame on you Kylian, you should have tried to get out of your mom earlier! Loads of babies do it.

0:50 – After spending 6 years playing under his dad’s wing at the local club, Mbappé got his first big challenge. The 11 years old flew to London trying to have a shot on Chelsea’s Under-Something and bombed that, because he was all about attacking. We could say that the other clubs in the Premier League dodged a bullet there!

1:13 – Two years later, the biggest fan of Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo (unless your room walls have more posters than his) got his first contract signed. Monaco, here we come!

1:24 – And from that point on, no one could stop him. I mean, a cannon ball could but that was not allowed on the pitch. He was 16 years old, barely got out of his nappies and he just broke Thierry Henry’s record, becoming the youngest player to get started by the professional team.

1:41 – On his last season at the club, he won the Ligue One over PSG, got the club on Champions-League semi-finals, also he scored seven times in 11 appearances with France Under-20. But then PSG did the magic trick and, of course, relieved themselves of the pain that would be to play against that man another year. Classic billionaire cheating rule, you don’t lose if you buy the winner.

2:05 – On the following season he was France’s number 10, won the world cup and became the second youngest player to score on a World Cup final. Right behind another famous 10, the one and only Pelé. More important than that, at this year his relationship with Miss France 2017 was unofficially revealed. Maybe this lad has a thing with crowns. The king, the miss and now Real Madrid.

2:31 – Madrid. Who said that? Zinedine Zidane, the captain of France in 98 and former manager of the club, spoke about their interest on him earlier this year.

2:41 – The whole cycle of dreams of Kylian Mbappé is closing, and we are about to witness another GOAT ruling world of football. Or (as PSG haters love to say) ruining it!

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